May 17, 2008

TWIB Notes

I cannot stand that commercial that is for some drug where the guy works on models. And then he asks the doctor how they can shrink the problem? The thing that upsets me? His model of the universe is soooo shitty. I mean, this is this guy’s job. And yet his model of the universe looks like something I could do in 5th grade. Sidenote: I always hated those kids who did diagrams and models of things. Those aren’t science projects! You didn’t test anything!

Anyway, and everyone in the thing is ooing and aahing like it’s this big accomplishment. Verdict: Dumb commercial.


I placed two bets for the Preakness today and lost. It was exciting and then not in such a quick period of time. I guess that is what gambling is. It’s over so quickly.

I hate David Archuleta so much. I think I just have a problem with people that seem like everything is great with them. That it’s all just smiles and happy faces. I like people to look like they have a little misery in their life. They seem like a more genuine person then. Is that a really awful thing to think? But I do. So I’m down for David Cook for the finals in American Idol. If Archuleta wins, it’s a win for Pollyannas everywhere and I think we know that is one more point for evil.

Huck Slim is up again tonight at Sidewalk Cafe. I am aiming on those people that read my blog incessantly and so will see this an hour before the gig and decide to go. It’s going to work. I just know it!


  1. Chris

    I don’t mind happy people, but I hate Idol singers that continue to smile while they’re singing songs of heartbreak, sadness, and regret. It’s ridiculous and makes me feeling like I’m watching unfeeling clone robot performers.

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