Halloween, 1987

words & music by Nate Shelkey

You’ve been thinking about this for weeks
So you’ve put burnt cork on your cheeks
Your costume in your head, you try your best to look dead

And your mom’s got a get-up like a witch
And she got dry ice to make fog that makes you itch
And you put up cardboard tombstones for a cemetery in your front yard

On Halloween

And the doorbell rings at six o’clock
You know it’s the little kids from around the block
Because it’s still light outside and no one cool goes out before dark

And man you feel so bad, what a drag
For that kid with the UNICEF bag
But you grab your pillowcase and hit the townhouses first

On Halloween

There’s a bunch of houses with no light on
So you soap and egg their windows, and stab forks in their lawn
‘Cause you know they’re hiding out there
They’re too cheap and probably packed on the stairs

You make sure to break the handles off
And smash pumpkins as the night meets the dawn
Here’s a house that has a bucket full of candy
So you know they’ve gone to sleep

On Halloween

Frankenstein and Lizard Man
Superman and Raggedy Ann
Dracula, a ghost, a bum
Robin Hood and Wolfman’s son
The mummy and a creature from the deep
Winnie the Pooh and Little Bo Peep

I’d rather be anyone
I’d rather be anyone
But me

On Halloween