Time To Move On

words & music by Nate Shelkey

I know where you’re at
Your mind’s in a funk
Because you’ve taken psycho inventory
And it’s all just junk

But you like to keep that shit
Logged up in your brain
I’m here to tell you it’s trash day now
The garbage man came

It’s time to move on

I know it’s difficult
Lord I know it’s hard
So whether you lost that girl
Or that job
Or that watch you had
Before you got robbed

It’s just time to move on

You say, there’s only one question left
And that you’re wondering why
Was it me, or her, or him
Was it some other guy?

Well don’t ya know, there’s lots of mysteries
Without any clues
Like where’s my socks and my shoes
You think you might find out
But you never do

It’s still time to move on

I know that things can seem
Like it’s all just been a dream
But that dream you had’s been spent
Like your cigarettes and rent

Well fellas, I’ve been known to give up
When you’ve had my life, and my luck
And I’m getting older now
I feel like my dog
‘cause it seems like I’ve spent my whole life
on a walk

It’s just time to move on