Say That

words and music by Nate Shelkey

And if you could go and say that
And if you could wait and say that
You could pretend then say that
Then you could just leave and say that

I don’t want to know
Each place that you go
Let’s just leave it for good
And do like you would

And say that

I thought it meant more to say that
Than what is is for to say that
It just feels empty now to say that
And do you believe when you say that

I don’t want to know
The things you won’t show
You can’t bring them out at the last moment
And take them away

And say that

But what is making me crazy
All the things that you blame me, we didn’t do
But I held my tongue because that look on your face
I tried to bring it up before, but I could tell that you’d get insane

To say that

So how does it feel to say that
Does it make it real to say that
To kiss goodbye and say that
And who’s the next guy to say that

I don’t want to know
Anything more
Don’t leave your address
Let’s let fate find what’s best

And say that