October 31, 2005

The Top Five Scary Stories Of All Time

It is Halloween. Sam Hain’s day. So, I thought I would put down some thoughts about scary stories. These are the camp fire stories. The ones you tell after dark to scare yourselves. It’s important when you tell these stories to pretend they’re real. So you should always say, “this is a true story.” And also, “this happened to a friend of mine.” In urban mythology, this is called an “FOF” story. Or, friend of a friend. I think it adds more creedence than just saying it was you—-because that’s easily disproven. But when it’s your friend, as opposed to some person, that makes it scarier. Also, holding a flashlight up to your face doesn’t hurt.

In my opinion, here they are:

#1 Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Lights?
#2 High Beams
#3 Thump Thump Drag(it’s the very last one on this page)
#4 The Call Is Coming From Inside The House
Actually a movie! But still a great story.
#5 None Of Your Damn Business
(I include this one just because it’s so silly. I wrote a version of it today for Huck Slim here)

Dear five readers,

What are YOUR favorite ones?


  1. Frannie Parker

    I can not BELIEVE you didn’t include The Mangler II.

  2. Nate

    The Mangler II would be in my list of top five scary loser movies but it’s not a scary story! The movie in this list is often told as a scary story by itself!

  3. hey stranger how was your day? i ike scar stories and my hands are always bleeding so please write a scary story about that!!!!!!!

  4. can you tell more scary story than that as in scary that you will have a phobia

  5. phillip

    Arnt you glad you never turned on the lights is a movie to dimwit its in urban legand much more scary than a stupid story better seeing it in picture!!!:@

  6. hi im sami olson and im eleven years old……i love scary stories and ur stories arent that scary srry but ive seen things that u cant imagine my house is haunted and i have soooooo many fears so u dont have any idea of a scary story so u can suck it

  7. Ryan

    Okay, sami…’re a dick…this is just a guy trying to entertain. He isn’t competing with you, jerk.

  8. Darcy

    Sami, here’s a list of things I’m scared of and then u might not think you have a lot of fears

    Looking out of windows at night
    Doors Creaking
    Most Snakes
    Not being able to see
    Being held down
    Small Spaces
    Dolls with button eyes
    And a few more that I can’t be bothered to number

    Sami I could write a scary story totally regardless if it was scary or not and + these arent his stories they were published by many authors\writers just in different versions

  9. keeheyceehee

    ill give you an a for effort….

  10. Pfeifield

    I am twelve years old, have moved to 16 different schools since I was young, so my education is sketchy. I’ve written a 400 paged, published book, and you are an insult to SMART young people everywhere. These stories are older,, AND scary. Wanna compete? Why don’t you hire Stephen King as your babysitter? No one cares about your consensus, whining, unintelligible fool.

  11. Stanger

    No one cares Sami, shut up.

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