October 21, 2009

Mouse commercial

Here’s my latest national commercial for D-Con(you can see the two different spots in the Youtube clip). My friend Amy spied this write-up in an advertising blog where it notes I have “intense rodent acting chops”(hah!):

d-Con “Prove It” from Nate Shelkey on Vimeo.


  1. Poppy

    Love your new d con commercials! Are they planning any more of these?

  2. Nate

    just the two for now… but who knows?? fingers crossed!

    • Maurita Goins

      Are there t-shirts??? I need a t-shirt!!

  3. Court

    Hilarious!! I love these two commercials, they’re my favorite. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Can’t stop laughing!! You’re face is awesome!! 😀

  4. HILARIOUS! Good job!

  5. Nate

    thanks mir and court for the mouse love! i appreciate it!

  6. Kayla

    Nice mouse commerical. I loved it!


  7. Dandelion

    Love these mouse commercials! Hilarious!! So hilarious that I just spent the last 15 minutes on google trying to figure out who played the mouse and finally found your name and your website. I’m going to check out the rest of your stuff.

  8. Alex (20)

    Okay I saw this commercial about a month ago and literally started crying from laughter. I was so excited when I saw it again last night! It’s hard to find commercials that are ACTUALLY funny these days. Great job!

  9. Kristin

    Seriously, I hate watching commercials… However I am quite amused when yours come on. I hope you can be in more. You’re hilarious! 😀

  10. Kimmie

    I’ve seen those commercials dozens of times and I still laugh at the smug look on your face! Do another.

  11. Linda

    I’ve all ready written you once. I see from your bio that you have a lot of improv experience. That explains how you managed to inhabit the mouse role so cunningly and deliciously…PS The actor who leads off with “You disgust me” looks like she is trying very hard not to break out laughing. How many takes?

  12. Tita

    You have captured the hardcore attitude of the mice that have overrun the Trenton, NJ Justice complex (where I work), exactly. In fact, I suspect you are their leader.
    It’s bad enough they gnaw through the rubbermaid and piddle in what they don’t finish, but sleeping in my boot HAS GOT TO STOP!

    Make your people GO.

    But seriously, I enjoy the hell out of your commercials. And the bit about rodentia in the state capital is sadly true.

    Stay visible, you’re funny.

  13. ppcasm

    The chicks are diggin’ the new mouse commercial. It’s getting reviews as one of the best T.V commercials of all time………… let’s hope Kanye West doesn’t interrupt you. 😀

  14. One of the best deliveries I have ever seen, so much for so little. We’ve watched it on utube so many time now I’ve got my 5 year old telling me “she understands what I’m saying but that doesnt mean she respects ittttttttt…………….Awesome Nate! I never thought about DCon before but now I’m going to buy at least two of them!

  15. bun

    Outstanding work! What agency were you working with?

  16. Lynn

    Hahaha! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these commercials! Hope you get plenty of more work for D Con!

  17. ROBERT

    Hi Nate,
    May I ask how you got the Gig of playing the D-Con Mouse?
    Who is your agent?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  18. Prometheus

    These are my favorite commercials, and Nate, you absolutely nailed it for me.
    I look forward to seeing more of you as I am certain that there are others that feel as I do.

  19. Mary Jane

    Hi Nate,

    You are one funny guy! Your delivery in both of the current commercials is priceless. Kudos also to the ad agency folks who came up with the ads; hope you all join forces again soon for some more spots.

  20. Helga1958

    Love the ads. Hope you’ll be around the Detroit area because I’d love to see your stand up, not because it’s home to rats.

  21. JSH

    These are the best commercials running. Love them!

  22. Kebrigs

    Hi Nate,

    Would you believe we are still going on about these commercials? My brother and I stop whatever we are doing and run into the living room when one comes on. That wouldn’t be that unusual since the commercials are hilarious, but my brother and I are 36 and 41 years old!!
    Keep up the great work- we look forward to seeing more of you in the future!!

  23. Bethany

    please tell me where i can get that mouse costume … that is all i want to be this year for halloween !!!! please help me 🙂

  24. Sandy

    I loved the “prove it” commercial the first time I saw it…especially the last 2 seconds when you “open” your eyes widely for emphasis…too damn funny. Doesn’t play often enough…have to google it a few times a day….then I had to find out who you were..god bless google…just type in “who plays the mouse in the dcon commercial” and it brought me right here…you are hysterical (and “hot”)..good luck…hope to see you a lot more often.

  25. Nate

    thanks guys! bethany: unfortunately, i don’t know where you can get the mouse costume. i asked for it but they wouldn’t let me keep it!

  26. Todd

    These commercials are awesome and the guy playing the mouse is creepy and cool at the same time!

  27. Brett

    Just saw these ads on tv and had to look up the d-con “prove it” mouse. You are absolutely hilarious! Great job!

  28. Heidi


    Every time I see this ad I tell myself I’ve got to let someone know it makes me laugh EVERY time! Best commercial out there thanks to you!

  29. Chris

    One of the creepiest commercials in recent memory (“You Disgust Me”). Your acting is great, it’s the subtext of the scene and visuals that raises one’s neckhairs. Is the woman pregnant? The camera angle as she looks you over can be read that way. That and the peanut butter sandwich stuff. Are you coming on to her? That goofy open-mouth look at the end sort of suggests it – along with the dialogue of the whole commercial, which reads like some terse exchange between a woman and her latest boy toy who has outstayed his welcome. It’s a brilliant spot, but definitely has a major creep factor. Great work!

  30. Debra

    SO!! You’re the one in the costume! Haha! I’ve seen these commercials so many times I’ve lost count, yet a laugh so hard every time I view them. You’re facial expressions right after you say “Prooove it” and “But it doesn’t mean I respect iiiit”, are PRICELESS!! Your eyes get big and round hahahaha!

  31. Debra

    My husband & I DVR, rewind & watch your commercials over & over! NEVER stops being hilarious! You MAKE that mouse! What terrific acting! You have EARNED that mouse suit! You put d-CON on the map! Would love to see you in TV– and will be watching for you! You could make amazing sit-coms, made-for-tv movies, and great comedy movies! See you soon, we hope!

  32. Jimbo

    Who is the actress? It looks like Jenni Blogg.

  33. Babs Marquez

    There are not very many commercials at all worth watching. But this is definitely one of my favorites !!! So damn funny. It just started playing again, I hadn’t seen if for a couple years, and I still laughed my butt off.

  34. dangermatt

    Awesome job. That proove it commercial cracks me up no matter what kind of day I am having.

  35. nadine noriego

    YOU’RE SO FUNNY! Everytime I see that commercial I CRACK UP SOMETHING AWFUL!



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