The Same Old Streets

words & music by Nate Shelkey

Driving down the same old streets
Looking for a heart that beats
that says,

I don’t care what the other boys do
If it feels this good, then I want to be with you

Growing up
I’d always make sure to hit your house
At Halloween
Just to see you open the door
And if your little baby sister come and answer instead
I’d say can you please wake her up?
‘Cause I’m thinking ’bout asking her out

I’d say, “Listen, can you keep a secret on the line?
If you want to be fair, then you want to make her mine.”

I won’t be wrong
To say what’s love
I won’t be wrong
To say it’s love

We’re laying on top of a rock overlooking the trail
There’s voices below and I’m getting scared
But I know I won’t go
‘Cause your head’s on my lap
And your hair’s on my chest
And your kissing my fingers
No, I won’t protest
(In Central Park, along the lake. . .)


In 3rd grade, a girl said
I looked like John Travolta
When I was 13, a girl said
I looked the guys in Wham
I hope now I look like I’m in love
‘Cause it feels just like I am


You brought me some flowers
I don’t care if they’re from my backyard
At night
You’re saying “I love you”
Before you go to sleep
You think I can’t hear
But it’s creeping into my dreams
You hear songs—
You say “they remind me of you”
Well tell me, if you hear this
Well, what would you think?


Won’t you say it’s love
Say it’s love