I’m an actor, writer and musician. If you know this already, good job–you are well informed! If you want to be further informed, a deeper cut:

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First there was Virginia. I grew up in the wild suburbs of Washington, D.C. — Springfield, VA to be exact. I went to college in the mountains of the Shenandoah at James Madison University, and afterwards a couple of us from good ol’ Chickentown started XYZ Theatre company in Washington, D.C.

We decided to take the show on the road and in January of 2000, during a raging blizzard, I hauled my earthly possessions into my new New York City apartment.

As it does for so many artists, the city wooed me into writing songs. It was’t my first foray–I had written songs before. Just bad ones. Truly shit. One included the line ‘Brent and Nathan are walking down the street/Where will they go and who will they meet?’.  Yes, I wrote that!  And yes, you can judge that. But I do what every musician worth their salt does–pretend my first song is something good and went from there. So start with “Sick Day” and work on up from there.

I started hanging out at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Soon I was performing there as well in the house improv (Harold) teams of Arsenal, gigawatt, Kill Your Darlings, and later in LA with the Racquet as well as many sketch shows. I’ve been on the house sketch (Maude) teams Last Slice(LA), 27 Kidneys, and Gorilla Gorilla. Commercials and tv work followed and so, I followed westward.

Now, I live in Los Angeles where I can fully enjoy my enthusiasm wearing t-shirts all year long.

Some places you may have seen me on tv:  New Girl, Superstore, CSI, A to Z, Bad Teacher, Anger Management, Happy Endings, MTV, Comedy Central, and PBS.  For those of you with longer memories, I used to do a bunch of bits for Kenny Mayne for ESPN and was lovable asshole Ken Schenk on In The Know for The Onion New Network. I’ve played any manner of strange characters in commercials including various man babies, a mouse, disgruntled bosses, and slackers.