December 20, 2007

Tim Gunn For Men

I was just reading some of the blogs on Bravo and came across Tim’s very first entry for Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style. And there was something I’ve talked about from the very first day.


And he answers it! He says that he’s working on a men’s version of his book. So that’s very comforting. Also, he says that many of the 10 essential items work for guys too. Including:

–the classic white shirt
–dress pants
–trench coat
–cashmere sweater
–sweatsuit alternative

I’m wondering what a sweatsuit alternative is for a guy. I have everything I think save the trench coat(really? I think guys look like detectives or g-men with these on. they look great on girls though), the blazer(i have one from h.s. wow, tim gunn and company would murder my closet), and the cashmere sweater.

Anyway… exciting. I look forward to the book!


  1. Chris

    I think sweatsuit alternative might mean those hip British-style track jackets. Like this kind of thing, or even just a snazzy-looking hoodie.

    There’s cheap simple cashmere to be found at Uniqlo.

  2. Pat Baer

    Trench coats make you look badass and grown up… which is why I’ve been wearing them since high school….

  3. Faisal

    Hello I’m a big fan of Tim. I think he should for men just as he done “Tim Gunn Style ……

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