January 2, 2008

The List: Resolutions, A Baker’s Dozen

In order to make myself honest, I’m going to pen my resolutions on ye olde bloggy. Here’s what I got for 2008:

1) Make a reel. I finally have enough stuff to warrant a reel. I’ve got the tv mini-series(Windy Acres), the Onion stuff, the ESPN stuff, some shorts(Farminals, Mohels and other Channel 102’s, Meditation on Mini-Golf, etc), some random tv stuff including Jeff Foxworthy’s Roast on Comedy Central, and Damage Control. These last two things I think will be good for a montage as my parts are minor. I play a secret service guy and a guy with a hazmat suit on. And then there are the commercials. So.. it is time.

2) Get a legit agent.

3) Check out pilot season, 2009.

4) Finish redecorating apartment. I’m almost done really. I mean, maybe figure out the walls. But bedroom is almost ffinished, and after I get my bonus I’m going to buy a new couch and paint the living room. With any luck, I’ll have the scratch to get a new armchair too. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to hide and compartment my musical gadgets.

5) Take a real vacation in 2008.

6) Dovetailing on that, go skiing. I haven’t taken a real vacation in like 2 or 3 years. And not out of the country since 2003 I think? And I haven’t been skiing in over 8 years. It is time.

7) Begin actual savings to buy an apartment.

8) Develop fan base for Huck Slim; Book some bigger venues like Rodeo Bar and Knitting Factory. Record proper album(maybe at least 10 songs?) I definitely have enough new songs.

9) Buy new clothes(I have to force myself to buy clothes. Trying to start a habit to be better dressed.) including another suit. I remember filming one of the Onion pieces and Huskey was wearing this snazzy new suit(perhaps sponsored by his legion of Sonic ads?) from Burberry. And I thought, I need to step it up! I’m in my shabby suit-for-all-occasions-wedding-funeral-bah mitzvah that I’ve had for like ten years. Plus watching an incessant number of Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style has been made more self-conscious about ye olde wardrobe. I went last fall(2006) and scored a Michael Kors suit with my fashion stylist Polly. Need to make it a yearly thing. It is time.

10) Write a show to perform at UCB. It’s been a couple of years since the ill-fated Inquisitors. Time to try again. I have some ideas… got to get to work on it.

11) Have a party at my place. I had a celebrity party there ten thousand years ago and it was a ton of fun. Once I get everything done with the painting and such, I need to have another one.

12) Re-join ye olde gym. Time to get back on the horse.

13) Treat my blog better. Facelifts for both this site and huck slim.

So there you go. It’s pretty ambitious, right? But I like to make a lot of goals, some that are “reach” goals and some that are easy, and some are that are normal. That way by the end of the year, if I accomplish half of them, I’ll feel like a success. I mean let’s look at them. #1, 4-7, 9, 11-12? They are all pretty easy. Number 2 is a toughie. Number 3 gets a lot easier if number 2 is conquered as well as 1 and 10. And number 10 just requires some getting off my duff and doing it. And I’ve already started working on number 13. See? Not so hard. This resolution stuff is a piece of cake.


  1. Heather

    When you’re ready for the recording portion of #8, I can hook you up with Carey and Kaleidoscope Sound.

    The gym is gonna be inSIZane with your fellow resolutionaries!

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