October 31, 2005

Weenie of The Week

Last week’s weenie was:

The friggin’ dude who slapped Craig Biggio’s wife!

How is this something that pops into anyone’s head at a World Series game? Yes, I want to slap this woman. That’ll show them! The misbehavers at all sports events are beyond me. From the soccer fans, to the father/son team who hit the Kansas City coach, to the whole Detroit fiasco with bball. It is no mystery that all of these things involve drinking.

Still, you have to be an uber weenie to slap someone’s wife(and they are on the field!). It’s one thing to throw beer on a bbal player. Which is wrong, but at least they have the option to come after you in the stands. Craig Biggio didn’t a chance to do anything. Although, I guess I read his brother-in-law was sitting with his wife and went and popped the guy.

It seems like Weenie of the Week might be Weenie of last week because I always forget to do this on Friday.

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