TWIB Notes

February 19, 2008 |

APT Dear Reader, I know you are waiting with baited breath(sidenote: the concept of baited breath is pretty gross, right? And how dumb do you feel to get baited by someone’s breath? I wonder what smell on someone’s breath would … Read More

We’re Just Like Everyone Else

February 14, 2008 | | 5 Comments

Last night, I went to my favorite bar Jimmy’s to hang out with Siobhan and when I walked in I saw this woman who looked really familiar. She was looking at me too so for a bit I thought … Read More

TWIB Notes

January 31, 2008 | | 1 Comment

Some notes from around the league. Err.. of Nate.

GIRL POWER This is my newest guitar pupil. Look at Polly rocking out! Polly took guitar lessons when she was 10 years old so her guitar is 3/4 size. And hasn’t … Read More


Tim Gunn For Men

December 20, 2007 | | 3 Comments

I was just reading some of the blogs on Bravo and came across Tim’s very first entry for Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style. And there was something I’ve talked about from the very first day.


And … Read More

I Am Santa

December 18, 2007 | | 1 Comment

I just saw Lathum donned the Santa outfit this weekend, so did I! I shot another bit for ESPN. This will open the Sunday Countdown show on (duh) this Sunday at 11 am. So if you want to see me … Read More

TWIB Notes

December 3, 2007 | | 2 Comments

FOUR EYES Glasses. I done got new glasses. A pic for this to come too. Also, if you happen to spy my For Eyes commercial please let me know! Or if you see it on the interwebs please forward. I … Read More


Big Bird Inspiration

November 12, 2007 |

I finally dug out some Netflix last night. I’ve had these discs just sitting somewhere in my apartment. I had been on a documentary kick lately. And I have “March of the Penguins” (which I’m halfway through) and “The … Read More


October 3, 2007 |

My dvr is exploding these days. There’s too much to watch!

Right now, I have these shows being recorded:

–Prison Break –Top Chef –Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style –Heroes –Mad Men –The War(PBS doc) –SNL –Mad TV(to watch Kula(!) and … Read More


Ebersol, What The F?

September 10, 2007 |

Okay, so NBC has a revamped Sunday Night Football show. And it’s exec produced by Dick Ebersol. This is the guy who MADE Saturday Night Live work again. (Yes, there was a time when Lorne Michaels wasn’t involved!) This is … Read More

TV Dinner

August 17, 2007 | | 2 Comments

Dear Reader,

I forgot to post some thoughts on the finale of Hell’s Kitchen this week. Forgive me! I know you were curious. Last night, I watched Top Chef too so I can offer some thoughts about both. Double Bonus!

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