September 5, 2011

Song du Jour: “Cold Heart”

I wrote a new song. This one’s called “Cold Heart”.

Cold Heart

I’ve been down on my luck
Caught out in the rain
Sat down at tables for one
‘Cause the missing girl was always late

Yes, it’s true
And I don’t understand ‘cause of you

I’d about given up
I’d about given in
Because I knew this was a game
I’d never hope to win

Yes, it’s true, and I don’t understand ‘cause of you

So I told my friends I’d be a monk
And I’d move to that moon
I’d start a singles’ leper colony
Wish more people’d get here soon

Yes, it’s true, and I don’t miss the past ‘cause of you

(And then…)

Darlin’, I don’t know why
You thought to give my rusted heart a try

You pried it open
Let the light back in
You blew the dust off
When you smiled just then

Yes, it’s true and I don’t think I’ll last ‘cause of you

So I’ve been driving at night
Trying to catch up with the sky
‘Cause I know them stars and that moon
Are the same ones that look down at you

Yes, it’s true, because I didn’t really plan on loving you

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