June 14, 2011

Song du Jour: “Mary(Save Me)”

This is what I gather is possibly the 24th video Song du Jour. Sometimes I record just audio and I haven’t kept track of all of them together. So whatever–it’s a LOT people.

This song presupposes the ro-co situation of: What if you met the girl you’ve always wanted…. at your wedding?

Mary(Save Me)
by Nate Shelkey

Marry me
Come make me forget
I’m married
Oh save me
Save me please (again)

Tell me please
Please tell me
Come take me now away
And tell me nothing’s going to stay this way
And save me
Save me please (again)

Can they say we’re well met?
Because we met while one wed
And receiving lines
Aren’t the time
To place your bets
Or lose your head
But save me
Please save me again

The back of my mind is crawling
With thoughts of how to escape
The back of the bus is calling
As we see the church just fade away

Marry me
Come make me forget
I’m married
Save me
Please save me

Copyright 2011

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