September 22, 2008

The Porter Maison Project Theme Song REMIX!

A couple of years ago, I was in a group called the Porter Maison Project(TPMP). It was a gaggle of amazing people formed by Porter Mason. At the same time, Porter shared with me his love of theme songs. We loved to argue and pontificate about the merits of individual theme songs. Then he dropped a bomb on me. He had actually written a theme song. For a show that doesn’t exist. This song is filled with a variety of very non specific but well meaning cliches so that they could apply to almost any situation. Because some things you can’t pass up, we set it to music and recorded it. Time dash–Porter left New York, and TPMP decided to perform the theme song live as a tribute to him. Well, recently we figured it was time to trot out the song again and update it as Kate Spencer and Anthony King tied the knot. Here is the remix we made for them(both members of TPMP)… starring Porter Mason, Birch Harms, Flynn Barrison, Ben Rodgers, and me. To imagine the mood of this theme song, imagine that it is the night before the wedding and we are just sitting around talking… okay–you’re ready… now listen to the song.

These Are Our Days Remix

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