September 16, 2007

Pickle Day!

This was my second year going to the Lower East Side International Pickle Festival. It’s a fun little thing to do on a fall afternoon. There’s about 10 or so pickle vendors showing off their wares. I have to say this year was better than last year. I think there were some new entries.

This is McClure’s Pickles from New York by way of Detroit.

A close-up of their signage.
This is what a pickle line looks like with the front of the line…

And the back of the line…

And the selection of pickles that I purchased for home. Note the folksy spelling of watermelon.

Yum! [Note: Neil Casey claims to love pickles and even wears a Rick’s Picks shirt. But he was nowhere to found. What a poseur!]


  1. logangal

    i’m so pissed i didn’t know about pickle day!

  2. Nate

    Apparently, I was also on tv during the Pickle Fest! I walked in front of an interview. Which sounds like me, nothing will get between me and my pickles.

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