December 8, 2006

Ro-Co Corner

The Wash Post totes just slammed “The Holiday” that new movie that is opening this weekend. This is the one where Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet switch apartments for a holiday to get away from everything and they become mixed up with Jude Law and Jack Black respectively. Can it really be this awful?

“In the annals of generic people-standing-around-talking movies, “The Holiday” achieves a new low. A cinematic widget product from expert extruder Nancy Meyers (“What Women Want,” “Something’s Gotta Give”), this overproduced romantic comedy doesn’t even qualify as fluff; it’s flat, featureless plastic.”

I must find out.


  1. Dyna

    The Onion said it was written by a robot.

    This movie is really pissing people off!

  2. natasha

    You need to go to ro-co rehab.

    Must Love Dogs was a new low!

  3. Birch

    I’d go see this mess with you. But only at a matinee-price time.

  4. Sandy

    Especially to whomever wrote that dumb comment in the first place.
    Nancy Meyers producues fairy tales
    for tired adults who want escapism
    and this is it at its finest. You
    can always find things to pull apart but if you go with a will to
    be entertained you will find a
    charming comedy with a heart and at
    least 4 winning performances led by a toally disarming Jude Law who
    as Prince Charming has no equal.
    Enough said, for the ladies GO< GO
    and for the guys, sit back and enjoy, you won’t be bored but go
    with an oopen mind. Through the
    coming year you;ll throw out your movie dollar on a lot worse junk
    you won’t remember. THe warm glow
    rom the HOLIDAY will remain.

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