People of Earth

Welcome. This website is intended for you. Extra terrestrials: You are at the wrong website. Ok. Proceed.

  • Videos.  Delicious assortment of videos of high comedic value I’ve done.
  • My Reel. A must for any true connoisseur.
  • My Resume. A pretty engrossing read.
  • Headshots.  You are interested in looking at my head.  This is the place!
  • Just starting shooting a role in a feature by Larry Clarke called Dying: 101. Fantastic cast!
  • Also, booked a co-star on new show–a drama! Deets to come as well.
  • I am in the new season of Silicon Valley. Stream it!
  • Clip from my performance at Sacred Fools playing “Halloween, 1987”.  Enjoy this spooky favorite!
  • I’m in a movie called Deported and it’s written and directed by Tyler Spindel who I previously worked on with the Montreal winning short Love and Germophobia(with T.J. Miller).
  • The Baker’s Man is now on iTunes.
  • Here is a clip from my episode of Superstore from NBC which got renewed for a 3rd season!.
  • Here I am on CSI looking a little creepy.  
I’m also a songwriter.

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