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25 August
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Hey there. I’m Nate Shelkey. I know you’re pretty stoked to be here, so I’ll just let you settle in. Here are a few of the things you can check out while you’re here…

Nate’s Acting

  • Videos. Delicious assortment of videos of high comedic value I’ve done as well as commercials and the like.
  • My Reel. A must for any true connoisseur.
  • My Resume. A pretty engrossing read.
  • My new show called GILF & The Hotrods(a wedding band reunion show) will be premiering at UCB on May 2nd at 5:30 pm
  • Here is a clip from my episode of Superstore from NBC which got renewed for a 2nd season!.
  • New Funny or Die video I’m in with Rob Corddry is here
  • Here are some clips from my Happy Endings guest star!

Nate’s Music

  • Nate Shelkey on Facebook
  • I’m also a songwriter. You can check out my demo from my old band in New York, Huckleberry Slim, as well as a huge slew of recordings from over the years. Also, hit my artist page on Facebook!
  • Lyrics from a bunch of the songs
  • Upcoming shows.
  • Song du Jour. A project where I write a new song every week.

Nate’s Blog

Finally, there’s my blog which is full of me being witty and hilarious. Plus posting some pretty mind blowing stuff. (Read: some pictures of my cat, Bert the Wonder Cat.)

For booking, contact me!


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