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  • Videos.  Delicious assortment of videos of high comedic value I’ve done.
  • My Reel. A must for any true connoisseur.
  • My Resume. A pretty engrossing read.
  • Headshots.  You are interested in looking at my head.  This is the place!
  • A podcast I have been a frequent guest on, The No-Name Cinema Society, was just nominated for a Indie Series Award!
  • Sheila O’Malley from just wrote a great review of Life Support!
  • “Cured” has gotten into the Miami Film Festival!
  • I got some new headshots. How vain!
  • I am the voice of a pumpkin in some new Kit Kat spots!
  • Just shot another great short, this one called “Take What You Want” by Izzy Ezagui
  • Finished shooting my role in a feature by Larry Clarke called Life Support. Fantastic cast!
  • Just shot a very funny and interesting short film called “Cured” by Gabriel Villanueva.
  • My episode of Wisdom Of The Crowd, “Machine Learning”), check it out on-line on CBS.
  • Clip from my performance at Sacred Fools playing “Halloween, 1987”.  Enjoy this spooky favorite! 
I’m also a songwriter.

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