The Last Time Bae Asks You To Scratch Her Back(Funny or Die)

October 27, 2016 |

Here’s a new video I did for Funny or Die with Pam Murphy.  Written and directed by Matt Sweeney.

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Bjërt at Church(improv)!

October 26, 2016 |

On Halloween night, Bjërt is going to be at Church Improv.  It’s two person improv people!  So come on out.

Bjërt is me(Nate Shelkey) and Andrea Klaassen.

Monday, October 31st  Church Improv 8:30 pm The Clubhouse 1607 N. Vermont Ave … Read More

“Halloween, 1987” from Sacred Fools

October 24, 2016 |

Here’s a clip of me playing at Sacred Fools from this month—with the spooky favorite, “Halloween, 1987”

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Don’t Me Started–Podcast

September 13, 2016 |

I just did the Don’t Get Me Started Podcast with Anthony King and Will Hines. It was a ton o’ fun. I talked about William Goldman, my favorite author. We get deep! Follow me down the rabbit hole. And Anthony … Read More

Crab Busters

August 23, 2016 |

Here’s a mini-documentary I made about a group of children known as the Crab Busters. (Aka silly vid I made from my family’s trip this past week to Charleston.)

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Bjërt in LA Indie Improv Festival

July 26, 2016 |

Bjërt is going to be in the LA Indie Improv Festival.  It’s August 6th.  7:45 pm on the Party Bus!  Which you can get on at the Lyric Hyperion: 2106 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Carol’s Famous Spaghetti(Funny or Die)

May 23, 2016 | | 1 Comment

From the twisted but brilliant mind of <ahref=””>Nathan Buckley. With Phoebe Neidhardt, Jennie Pierson, Matt Moore, and Dax Herrera. And pasta made by Allegra Ringo.

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Styles of Slicing Cheese, an essay

May 19, 2016 |

I went to the grocery store last night and bought some cheese from the deli. The woman asked me how would I like it sliced, “Sandwich style?” The question threw me as I couldn’t imagine any other style you’d slice … Read More

GILF & The Hot Rods is baaaaaack!

April 27, 2016 |

So the stage show I wrote, GILF & the Hot Rods, is back at UCB after some retooling. So get ready for some more hijinx, and some full songs!

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GILF & The Hot Rods at UCB Sunset

February 15, 2016 |

My show GILF & The Hot Rods: A Wedding Band Reunion Show is going up at UCB Sunset next week. Come see it!

UCBT Sunset 5419 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027 $5 Tickets

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