July 24, 2008

Craptastic Art

I keep meaning to take a picture of this crappy art project outside of the 2nd Avenue F station. (1st Ave side). It’s a bunch of wooden boxes meant to resemble the normal gaggle of free newspapers and junky fliers that adjoin a typical New York subway or bus station. It’s got all of the colors in there too—the green Metro newspaper one, the red AM New Yorkone(mortal free daily paper enemies!), the yellow writing classes one, and does New York Press have a color? I’m not sure. Anyway, they are all there.

Now, what can this project be about? Is it supposed to trick people into thinking that they are real newspaper dispensers and someone is filming the whole thing? It is supposed to just be some charming piece of art in the front of the subway station? I don’t know what their thesis statement was, but if it was to create a giant piece of piss stained trash then they hit the nail on the head.

People keep stuffing trash inside of them and now nearly a month later, they are overflowing. And the artsy creators also chained the boxes to the railing so people can’t just haul them off. I’m hoping that some MTA person steps in and burns the shit out of them.

Sorry to be so old man about this but there are so many examples of interesting and engaging New York art on the streets. From Banksy, to Improv Everywhere, to Neckface, the downtown walk signs makeovers to even though odious, interesting—the corporate fake graffitti advertising. This is just a crap idea. From start to finish.


  1. Dyna

    Neckface? Really?

    The NY Press’ color is green.

  2. Nate

    neckface isn’t art per se. but he fascinates me. it’s such a weird tag too.

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