April 17, 2008

Big Irish Baby

I’ve just returned from Dublin where I filmed a commercial. (It’s only playing in Ireland. But hopefully I’ll get a copy and post it here. Anyway…)

The last time I was in Dublin was like 10 years ago. It’s changed a lot. For one, the country’s doing a lot better. And two, our country is doing a lot crappier. This combines to make things crazy expensive! And they have a lot more American and European stores there. Which makes sense, in that the city is a lot more cosmopolitan. But makes shopping for something uniquely Irish a little bit more difficult! Still, it was a great time and everyone was really charming, funny, and friendly as you’d expect. The River Liffey still flows through town and produces the lovely lovely pints of Guinness. People still flock to Temple Bar. And the Molly Malone statue still sports an impressive amount of cleavage. So life goes on in Dublin town.

I got in early on Monday at like 5 am. Had time to sleep in my hotel for just a couple of hours before my first costume fitting. I was worried I was going to be in a giant diaper. (Because I was playing a man baby.) But luckily, I was just wearing the world’s most expensive pair of pajamas. Seriously, people–these pajamers cost 200 euros. That’s like four hundred dollars! Yikes!

Anyway… I ended up wearing this little vest as they called it what we would call a tank top and the WMEPOP bottoms. And because my chest was showing had to get some makeup on my chest and shoulders too. I’m glamorous, what can I say?

So the whole thing is I play a guy who just won the lotto and has his new life so I am in a swanky bed with my jammers and a rolex watch and surrounded by all these irish nurses. Take a look!
Here is the whole shot of the military hospital which was converted to a maternity ward. Apparently, there was a baby that was six days old that was on the set too. So that way I guess no one can complain that the newborn babies don’t look like newborn babies. No flies on these guys, right?

Irish nurses and me. (Elaina, Claire, Caroline, and Bridd)

And the nurses who were at the foot of the bed(Clair and Liz). Missing from these are the two other nurses Mary and Cheryl. It was all of the nurses’ jobs to make me laugh so they took turns doing dinosaur impressions, snufflelufagus, and pretending to flash me. Not a bad way to spend a couple of days, right?


  1. Chris Kelly

    Hah! The picture of you with the nurses is hilarious. And kind of exactly what I pictured it would look like before I even saw it.

    I also enjoyed the detail of the tiny gold plane.

  2. K*Funk

    I love it!!! I can totally picture you as a giant Irish baby. Can’t wait to see the real commercial!
    And your post made me want to visit Dublin again!

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