March 13, 2008

D List Moment

Last night, Kathrine and I went to the ESPN The Magazine 10 Year Anniversary Party. Kenny Mayne had invited me so that was pretty cool. We took a cab and as we pulled up we saw there was a red carpet. I thought we should figure out how to not walk on the red carpet so we got in the line where normal people were walking in. They wanted you to have tickets for that. So we then had to go to the red carpet line which was for “Media” and “Talent”. They found my name and then in front of us was some starlet chick who was getting all of these pictures taken and slinking back and forth. So they asked us to wait.

Then, they said ok, can you keep moving. First, we need to wait but now we need to move? Make up your mind red carpet handlers! Finally, we are trying to make it through past the slinky starlet when one of the handlers comes up and says sorry Nate, this is Nate Skelky from the Mayne Event and holds up a piece of paper with my name. Nice. Shelkey, I corrected her. And then she told them the same thing. I guess she trusted her paper more than me.

The photog crew begrudgingly took a photo of me. And then an ESPN camera crew interviewed me for a second where I got to tell of my fabulous fame as Goat Dog.

Nate Skelky: Famous Person.


  1. Heather

    The very very few times I’ve been given quasi-important-person treatment have only made me feel like more of a weirdo goofball.

    You seem to have handled it with aplomb.

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